Comunicaciones a Congresos

C. D. Jiménez-Espinoza  Metabolite Alterations in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Proton MR Spectroscopy Study. International Meeting for Autism Research IMFAR. 2014. Poster.  

C.D.Jiménez-Espinoza . Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults (ASD) with Alterations of Brain Metabolites  : A possible Therapeutic Target? XVII Congreso AETAPI 2014. Poster. 

C.D. Jiménez-Espinoza. Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ): a preliminary Study of its Diagnostic Validity in a Clinical Spanish sample, more than a psychometric test? International Meeting for Autism Research IMFAR. 2015. Poster.  

C.D. Jiménez-EspinozaPhenotypic Plasticity in the Cingulate Cortex in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Target on Etiology? International Meeting for Autism Research IMFAR. 2016. Poster.  

C.D. Jiménez-EspinozaAltered metabolism of N-acetyl aspartyl glutamate in the anterior cingulated cortex in autism spectrum disorders—A magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. Strat Neuro retreat 2016. Poster.

C.D.Jiménez-EspinozaImbalance glutamatergic compounds in anterior cingulated cortex in adults Autism Spectrum Disorder -Demonstrated by 1H MRS. XXXVIII Congreso SECF 2016. Poster. 

C.D.Jiménez-EspinozaNeurometabolic difference between anterior and posterior cingulated cortices in autism spectrum disorders: target on etiology?XXXVIII Congreso SECF 2016. Poster.

C.D. Jiménez-EspinozaEnzyme Kinetics of N-Acetyl-Aspartylglutamate in the Cingulated Cortices in ASD: A 1H-MRS Model. International Meeting for Autism Research IMFAR. 2017. Poster.  

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